Brandon PTA Officer Positions  (link to PTA website)

Executive Board   (Officers MAY complete 2 consecutive terms in the same position)


2020-2021 School Year 2021-2022 School Year Email
President Alton Green (First Term) OPEN
Secretary Anika Kitson (Second Term) Irene Murphy (First Term)
Treasurer Katie AbuGhazaleh (First Term) Katie AbuGazaleh (Second Term)
Auditor Brandi Burnham (Second Term) Joanne Norman (First Term)
Vice President Danny Mann (First Term) Danny Mann (Second Term)
Historian Monica Dussert (Second Term) Karen Gibson (First Term)
Parliamentarian Dawnielle Burich
Communications Chair Jenny Mann
Fundraising Chair Anna Jordan

Anna Jordan & Cristina Bentley

Hospitality Chair OPEN Brandi Burnham
Programs Chair OPEN Anika Kitson