Nora Antenore

Chad Smith

Nora Antenore has been teaching 5th grade at Foothill Elementary School since 2007. She loves her job! She has had the good fortune to teach with inspiring colleagues in an amazing community with wonderful students and families. Each year has been full of change and growth despite staying in the same grade level. Prior to teaching, Nora trained as a theatrical lighting designer. Looking back, 8 years spent in theatrical production turned out to be excellent preparation for teaching and life. Nora loves spending time with family. She and her husband, Rob, have two boys, Leo and Luca. They love to hike, go to the beach, and camp. When at home, they enjoy playing games and creating together. They all feel fortunate to be part of the Foothill family.

Chad Smith has been teaching at Foothill Elementary School since 2007. He loves working at Foothill where there is such an incredibly tight knit and supportive community. Mr. Smith was born and raised in Santa Barbara, and remembers having basketball practice on the Foothill campus as a child. He is married to his high school sweetheart Katy, and together they have two incredible kids named Orion and Kaya. Mr. Smith loves music and the beach, and he finds many opportunities to share these passions with his family and his students. Mr. Smith loves to collect and play records, and he looks forward to growing dozens of varieties of tomato plants every year. He values positivity and kindness, and ends every class by wishing his students peace and love. Peace and Love!