La Patera School is one of the nine elementary schools in the Goleta Union School District. We serve approximately 400 students in Transitional Kinder through 6th grade.

“The La Patera Community provides excellent learning opportunities for all students to reach their greatest potential in a diverse world.”

La Patera School is one of the nine elementary schools of the Goleta Union School District. Our current enrollment is approximately 400 students, with 23 general education classrooms and four classrooms that focus on intervention and resource goals.

Our staff is committed to, and firmly believe, all students can learn. Our staff collaborates weekly, looking at student data that drives instruction and intervention in order to support the success of all students. 



La Patera School is a safe, respectful, nurturing place where all students grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  We guide our community in making kind, responsible choices, and we have consistent, high expectations in all areas.  We believe all students, families, and staff make one La Patera neighborhood.

The La Patera Staff shares and supports the Goleta Union School District values and belief statements.



Powerful Instruction

Purposeful Individualization

Productive Partnerships

Solid Evidence of Student Success

Shared Values and Beliefs

Success for every student

Effort, perseverance, and responsibility

Learning beyond the basics

Safe, healthy, and secure environments

Teamwork, partnership, and respect

High-quality services

Best instructional practices

Equity of experience