Mrs Fischer 

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Every class visits the library for 30 minutes each week. While there, they receive a presentation of a book or a lesson on library skills. Every student is given time to check out books during their library time. Kindergarten leaves their books in the classroom but the other grades are allowed to bring them home.

The library is also open during recess and lunch times and 15 minutes before school every day except Wednesday and every day after school except Monday. Students and families are welcome to come in and check out books or use the computers during these times. Many students also come in during recess times to switch books or to play games or do puzzles.

Accelerated Reader –  is a special program that goes on in our library. This is a computer program with quizzes on over 160,000 books. If a student reads a book, they are encouraged to take a quiz either in the library or in their classroom. If the student passes the quiz, they earn points We have a board that tracks students progress by moving a hot air balloon with their name to different National Parks depending on how many points they have earned. They are able to earn rewards each time they reach a new park. Come into the library to see your student’s progress or to ask questions.

Author Go Round (AGR) – Every year Santa Barbara County Education Office offers AGR to nine 5th graders per school. It is held in January and 4 authors/illustrators will be present to talk with the children, sign autographs and tell them a little about themselves and their career. It is always a fun day. To earn this outing, students must show their interest by reading books from the attending authors, researching information about the authors online and by preparing thoughtful questions to ask.

Battle of the Books (BOTB) – Every year the Santa Barbara County Education Office offers BOTB for students in 4th, 5th or 6th grades. They have a list of 25 books. Students must read at least 15 of them to qualify but are more likely to qualify by reading more. La Patera is allowed to take 5 students and they are chosen by how many books they have read, how they participate in weekly meetings that begin in February, and how many of the authors they have memorized. At the “battle” students are put in small teams and the teams compete against other teams on questions about the books on the list. It is always an exciting day.