Fifth Grade

The fifth grade team at Kellogg is dedicated to the betterment of the whole child. We know the importance of reading, writing, math, science and social studies, but we also value the arts and the emotional intelligence of each student. Learning should be rigorous and fun. We strive to create a learning atmosphere that embraces and accepts all students, as well as teaches about kindness, respect and empathy.

Blair Butler

This is my first year at Kellogg and my third year in the district. I spent the past two years just up the road at Mountain View. I am so excited to be joining this Kellogg community! I am a native of Santa Barbara, leaving town to attend University of San Diego where I got my BA in Sociology with a social justice concentration. I returned home, attending UCSB to get my Masters of Education and my teaching credential. 


When I am not at work I love spending time with my friends, walking on the beach with my 17 year old cocker spaniel named Shadow, and testing out new recipes in the kitchen.


It is my hope that my students leave fifth grade with a love for reading, a passion to help make their community a better place, and curiosity to solve problems.


Delany Marley

This is my second year teaching at Kellogg and my first year with the 5th Grade. I live in Goleta and recently adopted a puppy(Flynn) who has happily tagged along on my constant walks on the beach, hikes, and many picnics with friends and family.  


I received my bachelor degree in Liberal Studies from the University of San Diego which is also where I received by teaching credential. After college I was lucky enough to return to Goleta and work in the district I grew up in. I started off as a CT for a year at Brandon Elementary and then joined the Kellogg community last year as as a Long-term sub for Mrs. Oglanian’s 1st grade class. My Kellogg journey was able to continue in January as I took over as the Special Education teacher for the Inclusion Program in room 9 where I was able to work with grades K-6 and got to know many of the amazing students at Kellogg. 

As I mentioned, I attended school in Goleta Union School District as a child. It is here where my love for learning grew and turned into a desire to teach and encourage others to grow that same love I had discovered! I love being a part of a community of educators that value fostering a safe, engaging, and positive learning environment for students to grow as a whole individual. In my classroom we value building a strong and respectful community where everyone feels comfortable to explore our interests and expand our world view through, and beyond, the core concepts of 5th grade.


Tyler Wilkes

Welcome to my webpage!  I am so happy to have your attention for the next few minutes! Most of what you are going to read is true information about me. Enjoy!


I went into teaching because I love being around kids. Some say it’s because I have the maturity level of a 10-year-old, but I like to think it’s because I’m on a mission to educate the leaders of the future (or, maybe both). I have taught in Goleta for 11 years. The first few in 4th grade and the last eight in 5th.  This is my first year at Kellogg, all prior years were at Hollister. I grew up in Santa Barbara and went to school in Goleta! I actually had my first ever baseball practice on Kellogg’s field. I later went on to play baseball at DP, where I hit 2 home runs every game, leading the Chargers to win the world championship.


My wife Natalie is also a teacher and teaches first grade at Monte Vista Elementary School. We have 2 chunky children. Leo is three and Summer is one. We love to go to the beach, swim, ride bikes and eat. We also have a few pets: 7 St. Bernards, 11 cats, 12 guinea pigs, 4.5 hamsters, and an entire school of deadly piranhas. 


In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, beach volleyball, soccer, football and playing the drums. I also play the guitar, if owning a guitar and knowing how to play 2 chords counts as playing guitar.


In my classroom I love to challenge, play, excite, learn, fail and grow.  Juicy mistakes are heavily rewarded because of their importance in the learning process. My classroom is a place to learn and have fun at the same time.


Go Bulldogs!