Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is a fun and exciting year here at Kellogg School! We strive for our bulldogs to understand the importance of empathy, demonstrate a growth mindset, use mindfulness techniques, engage in social justice learning and practice self belief. 

In addition to focusing on the whole child, students participate in many academic endeavours. Here are just a few of the things we cover is fourth grade:

The language arts program includes writing opinion, narratives, and expository pieces, as well as responses to literature and writing to two sources of text. Novel studies include Island of the Blue Dolphins and By the Great Horn Spoon.

In addition, Independent Study is a big proponent in Fourth Grade. Students research topics they are passionate about and present their findings to the class. We heavily structure this to hone in on research skills and informational writing. Students love the process and are always excited for their in class presentation.

Fourth grade math covers place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and geometry. Students embark on extension activities such as 3-act math, escape rooms, projects with problem solving techniques and strategies. 

Our science curriculum is divided into three units; life science, earth science, and physical science. Students have the opportunity to read and write, collect data, investigate, experiment, discuss and reflect with one another about all things science. With a special one of a kind trip to Lotusland, to top it all off!

Fourth grade social studies is California focused. Students explore the geography and regions of the state, study the early tribes of California, dive into explorers, research missions and ranchos, and simulate the gold rush. A highlight also includes a field trip to the La Purisima Mission in Lompoc!

Let’s not forget about the end of the year finale and crowd favorite- the Wax Museum! A true winner as students have the opportunity to pick an influential person in California, and become their very own version of this individual. It’s an unforgettable experience for students and families alike.  

We look forward to a wonderful year in fourth grade!


Kimberly Bray

Welcome to Fourth Grade! This is my thirteenth year teaching in the Goleta Union School District and my second year at Kellogg! I am a Santa Barbara native who grew up attending local public schools through the twelfth grade, earned my bachelor degree in education at SDSU and received my credential and masters at UCSB. Most recently, I completed the PASC Program at the Santa Barbara County Education Office where I obtained my administrative credential, which allows me to take on greater leadership roles and responsibilities. 


Outside of my love for the classroom, I also love to participate in athletic competitions that involve running, swimming, and biking. I enjoy traveling to new places and going on adventures with my husband James; backpacking, hiking and camping are some of our favorite activities. Additionally, my love for the ocean can’t be neglected as I will never say no to spending a weekend afternoon at the beach with a good book, in the warm sun. 


I truly look forward to the beginning of each new school year as students’ excitement and eagerness brings life to the classroom and the variety of personalities, knowledge and skills brings joy to teaching. Teaching has always been my passion and I strive to make learning fun and accessible for all. My goal as your teacher is to support in the development of a growth mindset, reinforce positive work and study skills, foster learning styles, and facilitate learning, to allow for each student to be successful not only in the fourth grade but beyond.


Sora Young

Somehow I have been teaching for 20 years, yet I feel like I just started my career!  This will be my sixth year at Kellogg and I truly feel at home here.  I am a Santa Barbara local and attended Vieja Valley, La Colina and San Marcos.  I then went on to get my Women Studies Degree at UC Santa Cruz.  I was also a collegiate soccer player there!  Slime on Slugs.  I came back to Santa Barbara and knew teaching was my passion, so I went to Chapman University to get my teaching credential.  I follow both my parents who were also teachers.  My mom taught for many years at Vieja Valley and my dad was an art teacher at both La Colina and San Marcos.


I married another local kid, Peter, and we had two boys.  Keoni is a 9th grader at San Marcos and Kieran is currently in 6th grade at Mountain View.  They are both avid surfers and soccer players. So, when I am not teaching I am usually carting them around to the beach or a soccer field.  When I have time for myself I am playing beach volleyball, reading or going on hikes with friends.


As a teacher I am passionate about inclusion, inspiration and creative thinking.  I want kids to walk away from fourth grade loving reading, excited about learning and feeling like making mistakes is part of the journey. I love to get kids thinking about whatever they are engaged in by finding a way for them to connect to the subject…. 


Katherine Suwara

This is my fifth year teaching within the Goleta Union School District and my fourth year teaching  fourth grade at Kellogg School. Before Kellogg, I was a fourth grade student teacher at Isla Vista School and prior to that I worked for two years in a fifth grade classroom in my hometown of Thousand Oaks. 


I moved to Goleta five years ago to pursue a Masters in Education and teaching credential at UCSB. I have been lucky enough to stay and teach here in Goleta since. For my undergraduate degree, I attended UC Merced and graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2014. I have grown up in classrooms my whole life and come from a family filled with teachers. Both grandmothers are retired teachers, my mother has been teaching for almost thirty years, and my aunt has been teaching in Goleta Union for over 20 years. Family tradition or not, I love working with students and I love bringing my passion into the classroom each and every year.

I believe in fostering a respectful and inclusive classroom community through class appreciations, morning meetings, and team building activities. I also want to empower my students to grow in their social and emotional skills through structured conversations and mindfulness practices. My goal for my students, regardless of the task, is to challenge themselves, put in their best effort, and make mistakes because that is how we all learn and grow. But most importantly, I want my students to know that as their teacher, I always believe in them and am here to help support and nurture their overall academic and social growth.