Hello, and welcome to Mountain View School!  We are a proud representative of the Goleta Union School District, a District committed to success for all of the students we serve.


At Mountain View, we believe in the challenge and reward of high standards for learning. We offer enrichment in music, art, STEAM, physical education, and targeted instruction for students needing acceleration and intervention.  We have committed staff members, well-attended PTA events, a wonderfully supportive community, and together we work hard to nurture the intellectual, academic, and social-emotional growth for all students. We feel strongly that all students should thrive in their education.  Our commitment to this is evident on campus by the quality of instruction we provide and the cooperative classroom environments that we facilitate.   


The three core values for our school are to be respectful, responsible, and inclusive.  We model these for students and nurture these attributes within ourselves. As our partner in education, we value your input and encourage you to reach out with questions or concerns. 

Dr. Joanna Lauer
Mountain View School