6th Grade

Susan Yee 

Susan Yee and Karis Joldersma 

We absolutely love teaching and are extremely excited to be teaching the 6th grade. We will do our best to provide interesting, enriching, and fun learning activities. Our hope is that our students will acquire a love of learning and the belief that hard work, curiosity, and confidence will enable them to be successful in school and in life.

The 6th grade will be a very important and memorable year. Students will participate in simulations, create projects, and write reports. We will focus on the following academic areas.

Social Studies
Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, and Greece.

Earth Science
Oceanography, plate tectonics, shaping earth's surface, heat, energy in the earth system, ecology, resources, and scientific investigation and experimentation.

Students will build on skills learned in 5th grade in the areas of number sense, algebra/functions, geometry, statistics/probability, and problem solving.

Houghton Mifflin Reading Anthology, The Cay, Number the Stars, Tuck Everlasting, Julie of the Wolves, The Adventures of Ulysses, and The Giver.

Main focus this year will be on expository writing, but will also write narratives, letters, and news articles.

6th Grade Expectations

Listen attentively to others - We will listen to each other carefully, making sure that we are looking at the person speaking.

Speak to others using a respectful tone of voice - We will talk to each other with respect, ask questions, and share information even when angry or upset.

Show basic respect and friendliness - We will be friendly to one another even if we are not all friends. This includes welcoming and showing interest in one another, and getting to know one another through sharing and
cooperative work.

Have positive work attitudes - We will concentrate and persist even on difficult tasks. We will never say "I can't".

Resolve conflicts peacefully - We will work to resolve conflicts with fairness and active listening.

Relate to others without bullying - We will treat others with respect at all times, even when things are not going the way we want. This means that we will not use mean words or do mean things to others in our school.

Complete assignments with care and on time - We will complete all homework and class work neatly, carefully, and on time. We will take pride in our work.

Susana Yee

I am thrilled to be joining the Mountain View community and am looking forward to getting to know all of the children, families, and staff. Although new to the district, this will be my 11th year of teaching, and I have had experience in a variety of grade levels and school sites. I have taught in the Palo Alto Unified School District and most recently at Crane Country Day School in Montecito. I graduated UCSB with a B.A. double-major in Psychology and Sociology and a Master in Education with a multiple-subject teaching credential. As a teacher, I believe it is critical to provide engaging opportunities for every child to explore, discover, think critically, and connect their learning to the world they live in. I am passionate about providing authentic learning experiences for all students. Outside of the classroom, I love to spend time with my family, especially outdoors. My husband, Nathan, and I have two children Madelyn (4) and Everett (1.5) who keep us very busy and happy. I am so excited to be starting a new chapter here at Mountain View!


Karis Joldersma 

I am delighted to be joining the Mountain View community and look forward to getting to know everyone here! I’m beginning my journey at Mountain View following a year teaching third grade at Ellwood, and prior to that, 6 years teaching multiple grades at Solvang Elementary. Originally from the midwest, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Indiana University. Additionally, I recently earned a Master of Arts in Reading with an emphasis in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University. I strive to create an engaging, student-centered classroom and to instill a lifelong love of learning in every student. Apart from teaching, I enjoy spending time with my partner, Ben, our son, Eddy, and Eos (our cat). My favorite activities include kayaking, surfing, hiking, camping, traveling, birding, and painting.