Katherine James, Blair Butler, Carly Schmiess

Fourth grade is a fun and exciting year at Mountain View School. Here are just a few of the things we will learn about:

Fourth grade math covers place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry and statistics.The language arts program includes writing personal narratives, summaries, and responses to literature. We will write lots of poetry, and participate in a six -week session with a poet-in-residence. Some of the books we will read are Island of the Blue Dolphins and By the Great Horn Spoon.Our science curriculum is divided into three units; life science, earth science, and physical science. Fourth grade social studies is all about California! We will study about the geography of the state, early peoples, missions, gold rush and more. Computer skills developed will include keyboarding, powerpoint and web page design.

Katherine James

I have been teaching for 23 years, 22 of which have been at Mountain View. I am what Bob Wood (former Mtn. View teacher and principal)  refers to as one of the most “senior teachers” at Mountain View. You will not hear me refer to myself in this way. I feel close to the Mountain View community. Both of my children (Jared, age 20) and Carly (age 17) attended Mountain View K-6. I value the camaraderie, professional relationships and life long friendships I have with staff members, as well as relationships formed with members of the community. In the last couple of years, I have moved from third grade to fourth grade. In this new chapter, I will continue to build a challenging, engaging environment in which every child will have the opportunity to explore and learn. This year brings a unique change for me, as I will be on medical leave for a portion of the year. I am thrilled to have Allixandra Harrison step in as my substitute. We will work closely as a team to create a positive and productive school year.

Blair Butler

Hi Mountain View families, my name is Blair Butler and I am so excited to be part of this awesome fourth grade team!  A little bit about me: I grew up here in Santa Barbara, leaving for college at the University of San Diego where I got my BA in Sociology. After graduating I attended UCSB to get my Masters in Education and my teaching credential. I spent two years previously here at Mountain View teaching STEAM so I am really excited to be back and see so many familiar faces around campus. This past year I taught fifth grade at Kellogg.When I’m not teaching you can find me reading a book on the beach, relaxing with my friends, going for hikes, and spending time with my family. Having grown up in Santa Barbara I know just how lucky we are to call this place home! I am so looking forward to this fourth grade year with your students reading, figuring out fractions, learning about California, and having so much fun.

Carly Schmiess

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, I spent some time traveling abroad after graduating from Point Loma University in 2005. Upon returning to town, I began my career teaching in the Goleta Union School District as a 6th-grade teacher at Hollister Elementary School. Since then, I've gone on to teach 5th grade, but 10 of my 13 years in the district have been spent as a fourth-grade teacher - a grade I simply love! In addition to starting a career after returning to Santa Barbara, I met my future husband, Andy, with whom I've built a family, adding two really fun boys along the way. They will both be attending Mountain View this year, with one in third grade and one in first. When not teaching, I enjoy trail running, playing beach volleyball, reading, gardening, and adventuring with my family. I'm a regular at farmers market and am passionate about sustainable, healthy eating. I am actively looking forward to joining the team at Mountain View this year and sharing the honor of teaching your children. It is one of my life's joys to play a role in the development of our youth aiming toward building a brighter future for our community.