Mark Warren

Mr. Warren grew up in Albany, CA, the northwest corner of Berkeley, CA.  He grew up 100 yards from a bus stop, and a mile from the North Berkeley Bart station. With a few dollars in his pocket, and a skateboard under his arm, Mr. Warren created his fondest memories exploring every nook and cranny of the East Bay and San Francisco. 

With the Bay Area sufficiently explored, Mr. Warren ventured south to San Diego State from where he received his degree in Spanish and enjoyed the surfing off the shores of San Diego.

Mr. Warren, a veteran of the Isla Vista teaching staff, takes great joy in his daily interaction with his colleagues.

In his spare time, Mr. Warren likes to cook, sing, surf, and travel.

Christie Weinberg

A native of Goleta, Mrs. Weinberg attended Ellwood School where she particularly enjoyed reading and writing.  Mrs. Weinberg received her bachelor’s degree in geology from UCSB, just a stone’s throw away from her childhood home.  In addition, Mrs. Weinberg completed her master’s in education at UCSB.

Mrs. Weinberg is grateful for the families and colleagues at IV School.  She also enjoys the ocean air that wafts across the campus.

In her spare time, Mrs. Weinberg is a fan of bulldogs, jeeps, the beach, and, of course, her three children.

Vivian Wong

Ms. Wong grew up in Pismo Beach, which once claimed to be the clam capital of the world, though, sadly, this motto is no longer used.   For college, Ms. Wong journeyed down the 101 to UCSB, where she earned her degree in history.

After a few years in the defense industry, Ms. Wong made a career change and entered the world of elementary education.  She began as a certificated tutor at IV School, and her transition to joining the fifth-grade team after that was seamless.  Ms. Wong appreciates that she has colleagues who are supportive and encouraging,  and who always work in the best interests of students’ growth and success.

Ms. Wong and her husband, who she describes as the perfect surf buddy and sailing partner, enjoy the company of their cat, Jet, who they adopted from a local rescue organization.

A devotee of baking shows on Netflix (she has watched all seasons the “The Great British Baking Show” and most seasons of “Top Chef”), Ms. Wong hopes to shake hands with Paul Hollywood someday, but realizes that her indifference to actually baking makes this unlikely.  And she’s come to terms with that.