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Morgan Senzamici

Mr. Senzamici is a Santa Barbara native who loves taking advantage of all that our area has to offer. He is an avid hiker and cyclist, who loves to get lost on his motorcycle or mountain bike loaded up with camping gear. He has two children who attend Isla Vista elementary, and has been known to (unfortunately) bring his dad jokes into the classroom.

“Mr. S” has his master’s degree in education technology, and utilizes an array of technology in innovative ways to help make his students global 21st century learners and citizens. He also has several clubs he maintains throughout the year such as cardboard engineering, technology disassemblers, bicycle maintenance, and more. Mr Senzamici is the coordinator for the UCSB tutoring program that pairs Isla Vista kids with UCSB students, as well as the coordinator for the student run annual Rummage Sale fundraiser at IV.