Socorro Chavez

Ms. Socorro Chavez is very proud to call Tehachapi, CA, her hometown.  The house in which she grew up is the second oldest house in Tehachapi and is part of the town’s historic walking tour.  Despite her attachment to her hometown, Ms. Chavez peeled herself away in order to attend UCSB where she earned her bachelor’s in Chicano Studies with an emphasis in Education.  

As one of IV School’s most experienced teachers, Ms. Chavez can credibly state that she loves the IV School community.  Without bias, she states that IV has the best students, parents, and staff. 

When not teaching, Ms. Chavez enjoys hikes with family and friends, as well as traveling and meeting new people.  In addition, she also enjoys a good book.  Lastly, she’s a devotee of the New Orleans Saints.

Lorena Chavez

It seems Mrs. Chavez was destined to become a teacher.  During her childhood in Santa Barbara, her favorite game to play was, “school.”  When she actually got to elementary school, she excelled at reading and spelling.

Mrs. Chavez attended UCSB where she earned both a B.A. and Master’s in Spanish.  She also holds teaching credentials for single subject, multiple subject, and community college.  She even did her student teaching at Isla Vista School!

Now in her 37th year at IV School, Mrs. Chavez appreciates the many backgrounds and cultures represented in the school community.  She also is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, though her favorite activity on campus is reading books to her students.

Mrs. Chavez has many outside interests, including reading, walking, and cooking.  She also enjoys shopping, the Santa Barbara beaches, movies, and concerts.

Mary Valadez (K/1 combo)