We’re excited to start our after school program on Tuesday, September 8th.

However, enrollment is a bit down at this point. 

We have capacity for a little over 200 students and have about 150 enrolled as of today.

We want to be able to support as many students as we can, and we can use your help to get more students signed up.


Attached is a flyer I am hoping you can include in your open house presentation and help spread awareness about our wonderful program.

I am also hoping you can let your teachers know we are a great resource for students who are struggling academically or could benefit from participation for other reasons.

It would be great if teachers can refer students to enroll in our program.


This year we have a staff of almost 60 (Lead, TA’s, ARAC Tutors), who will be providing small group tutoring support to students in the program.

The program goals are to support student’s social emotional learning as well as their academic learning needs.

Half of the day will be devoted to providing students with enrichment opportunities in a virtual class setting.

While the second half of the day will be devoted to providing students with any academic support they may need via small tutoring groups.

We’ll also be practicing Mindfulness every day and creating opportunities for student conversation with trusted adults and peers in our group share time.  We’re providing students with all materials they will need in order to fully engage in our hands-on activities. We’re also providing small portable desks for those who need one in order to create a more comfortable learning environment.


I sincerely appreciate your continued support of our program, and I look forward to another great year!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Best regards,


Juan Pimental